Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The new digs

I moved into my semi-permanent abode yesterday and am in the process of settling in. The house is nice, the rent cheap, the roomies reasonable, and, while I'm still struggling with the wireless, I succeeded in making the wired internet work on the very first try. Sweet. Although, when I think about it, this probably means that it isn't very secure... so I'll need to make sure I don't ever boot Windows. Or I'll need my own firewall.

So far, the most significant drawback is that I realize I cannot sleep properly at night when the bugs are louder than the traffic... damn the New York metropolitan area and its pervasive highway noise.

Next on the agenda: securing furniture... then I can work in my room instead of on the dining room table where the late afternoon sun glare reminds me that there are fingerprints all over my laptop monitor. Grr.

2 comments: said...

Windows XP has it's own firewall built-in. Just enable it.

And don't later your MPU lead you into thinking Windows is inherently unsafe. Or rather, any more unsafe then any other operating system.

Hackers just go after popular targets. For instance, hackers have already cracked the iPhone.

Greybeard said... said...

>> And don't later your MPU lead you into thinking Windows is inherently unsafe <<

Pffffffft. The Intertron *runs* on the various *nix platforms, mostly on Linux, and, oddly, it's only the Wind-blows servers that get picked on; they aren't the most popular, but they are the most hacked. They are inherently unsafe.

When the NSA wanted a secure O.S. they simply *added* certain security functions to Linux. (See: NSA - SE Linux ) They have nothing nice to say about that alternate operating system.

Don't connect a Wind-blows box to the Intertron without a separate, hardware Firewall.