Friday, June 20, 2008


I am celebrating the solstice by going camping in Southern WI with some friends for the weekend. Happily the campsite where we're staying in has not been flooded recently - but the forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms today and tomorrow - so I will have an opportunity to test my dry socks hypothesis (I'm bringing twice as many pairs of socks as I *should* need... we'll see if that works). The park in question also has a large bat population, which presumably means no mosquitoes. Sweet. Anyway, I need to go finish getting my stuff together to leave.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday the 13th!

I noticed it was both the 13th and Friday today. Then I thought for a while and realized that exactly 5.5 years ago was also a Friday the 13th... memorable as the day I got into Columbia. Today has not been quite so good a day - its major selling point so far is that the torrential rain and tornadoes finally stopped and the sun came out. :-)