Monday, August 13, 2007

Bagel traffiking

A friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous, returned from New York late last night. At my request, he brought back half a dozen plain and cinnamon raisin bagels and left a message on my voicemail at roughly 1:00a.m. to tell me that I could pick them up at my convenience. But, before I could collect them this evening, I had to temporarily abandon my travel preparations, change my license plates, and drive a roomie's car across the lawn. All of this, combined with my observation that the day-old New York bagel was vastly better than the fresh Madison bagel I had for lunch today, makes me feel like I've engaged in something illicit. It was fun though. And I have five bagels left, which should keep my blood sugar up as I deal with all of the chaotic goings on of this week. Hahaha.

2 comments: said...

But then, you did do something illicit. You drove a car across a lawn.

And shouldn't you have changed the license plates on your roomie's car, instead of yours, before driving it across a lawn?

-mg said...

By the way, I'm posting this while on the run. Apparently, your fpu has put out a contract on me because of some earlier comments.

Why does your fpu think they call it a "layover"?