Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold: It's the new snow!

So, as people may be aware, most of the central and eastern part of the US is unusually cold this week. For the last several days Madison has had low single digit highs with terrifying wind chills. Today the forecast high is between -6 and -2, depending on your source. Leaving for work this morning, it was around -13 (windchill: -28)... I had to remove my gloves to lock my front door and thus learned the following valuable lesson: -13F degree metal on bare skin is extremely painful. If my hand had been at all wet, I suspect it would have frozen to the door.

On a related note, night-before-last I had a pleasant dream. In it, I was watching the news and the newscaster explained that meteorologists had underestimated the speed of the current weather system and that temperatures in WI would be returning to the low 20's immediately. When I remembered it after waking up, I wanted to cry; even in my good dreams, temperatures no longer exceed freezing.