Saturday, March 22, 2008

In which the protagonist.... oh nevermind

WI vs. OR seasons
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Laura drew this sometime in February... apparently she was unhappy with the weather as compared to that in the Pacific Northwest. In sympathy, I added an illustration for August in NJ compared to WI. It made my advisor laugh.

Anyway, since we just got another seven inches of snow yesterday I decided to check the season snowfall total with the NWS. We're at 99" if I recall correctly - only 2" behind Buffalo, NY and they are also having a snowier-than-average winter. I realize I said I was going to stop complaining about the weather, but really, this does totally suck.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

In which the protagonist secures a library card

Things have been pretty busy lately, but I'm still around. Since last post I've survived the first prospective grad student visiting weekend, midterms, and the first half of Spring Break. I still need to finish my taxes, jump start my car, and, tomorrow, it's supposed to snow half a foot. Gah.

Anyway, yesterday I went to get a library card for the Madison Public Library. It was my first excursion into the central branch of the library, which is amusing because it's immediately next to the building where I work downtown and I've walked past it hundreds of times since I got here. Anyway, a cool thing about Madison is that it's a large enough city to have several library branches and in addition it's part of a 7-county group of libraries so I can request almost as many books as I'd be able to get from the university libraries. They also have lots of DVDs and many copies of the popular ones. So, for example I expected it to take several days or a week for me to get the first disc of Firefly episodes, because I was the fourth person requesting it, but it showed up for me to collect within 24 hours of my request. w00t.

More later, perhaps, unless I'm busy watching movies. :-)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Warmth! Sunshine! w00t!

Last week it was sunny every day, and we got less than one inch of snow in total. Happiness! Presently, it is 43 degrees (sadly not sunny anymore, although it was this morning), and for the next week highs should be in the mid-to-upper twenties. I've never been this ready for spring to start. Now that there are only 13" of snow left on the ground in most places, if the current weather trend continues, I'll be able to see the grass again in about two months. :-D

Edited: According to the NWS, our current snow depth is not 8", which I had estimated, but 13"