Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Transportation woes

I went out with some other grad students for martinis this evening (yes I know it's a Tuesday - I missed drinking over the weekend for both academic and health reasons), and while I had an excellent time, getting home was more of a pain in the ass than usual. First, the bus showed up at West Wash later than expected by about five minutes. Then, it went about three blocks, and stopped in traffic because all the barriers were down at a train crossing. Note that there was no train in sight. So, after ten minutes (which is already a factor of two longer than my entire trip should have taken) the driver decided to turn around and take a detour around the intersection by going one block south. Naturally, when we returned to the correct road, the barriers were no longer down. Point: Mad City PD. Unfortunately for me, upon getting home and turning on my computer, I learned that the west end of campus and surrounding area (my former neighborhood) has basically been locked down since 6:30pm because the cops and security are looking for some suicidal guy with a gun. Oh, wonderful. But, had I known this before coming home I could have saved myself the twenty minute bus ride by simply calling a cab company and telling them I was a student (apparently, as part of the security procedure UW arranged to pay for rides with the major cab companies this evening).


chrisarts said...

Yay Tuesday drinking club!

Anonymous said...

"(which is already a factor of two longer than my entire trip should have taken)"

Hey, Martini Breath, by factor of two longer, do you mean to say that it took twice as long? Help a lowly non-physicist, non-mathematician type out here. Please write slowly and loudly and maybe I can understand.

Factor of two longer, she says, 'cause twice as long just doesn't say it all. Bah!

By the way, I have to say (despite the chance that doing so increases, by a factor of two no doubt, my chances of being killed in some unspeakable way by your f&m pu's) that I'm really happy to hear that you've discovered the joys of responsible imbibing.