Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Paul Simon-mobile lives!

I am the proud owner of a car that is no longer sitting in my driveway unable to start. Woohoo! Now I can go purchase $50 of gas and drive around the upper Midwest to my heart's content. This should also have the result of making evening/weekend social outings less of a pain- on several recent occasions there have been one or two cars, seating between 2 and 4 passengers legally, to take between 5 and 7 people from point A to point B and back(the upshot has been that we're all much closer friends now).

In other news, if anyone cared about my camping trip - my dry socks hypothesis was disproved. I had exactly the needed number of socks. I could have done with an extra pair of sneakers though, as mine got completely soaked through with mud on the first morning and I had to wear boots for the rest of the trip.

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