Sunday, April 27, 2008

The protagonist, who should be doing a pset, takes a break

Greetings, intrepid reader. In the month since I last remembered to blog anything it has only snowed a few times, and I haven't had to shovel at all. This makes me realize that the combination of grad school and horrible WI winter have reduced the list of things I can usually think of to write to a) complaints about snow and b) complaints about cold.

This afternoon, however, I can report some actual news. I had my first run-in with the maintenance arm of my rental management company this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised. Granted my expectations were so low, it would have been really impressive if I was disappointed, but the plumber showed up within two hours of my calling the emergency maintenance people, and fixed the toilet seal so it would stop dripping water into the ceiling above the kitchen cabinets, and promised to send the regular maintenance people by to fix the hole in the ceiling tomorrow.

Also, effective very soon I am switching research groups. I will be working on an experiment more closely related to the one I worked on as an undergrad than the one I work for presently. Although I am disappointed that I will have to find a new way to go to the South Pole, I'm excited about my new project and the possibility of being sent to Hong Kong. (Recent research into the topic suggests that Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than NY by a considerable factor, a respectable population density, and a large English-speaking population. If they also have bagels, I'm sure I'd like it.) Anyway, before I switch groups, I need to get a talk together and finish a quantum mechanics problem set... all before 8 a.m. Tuesday... and while recovering from a cold (i.e. without the option of pulling consecutive all-nighters). So I'm going to get back to that now.


Anonymous said...

So if you create a small drawing of the the quantum mechanics problem, then look at it, isn't there a chance that it will just disappear?

Anonymous said...

Also, did you know that it snowed in Hong Kong a nearly infinite amount more this year than last year?

Anonymous said...

And lastly, stop sniveling about having a cold. Did you know, by the way, that they shoot people with colds in Hong Kong?

True fact.