Saturday, January 12, 2008

Returned from civilization

I'm back in Madison. On the plane from Newark to Detroit there was thin cloud cover everywhere and I saw a rainbow from the plane (and since it was below me, I saw the entire ring... it was pretty cool). Also, Northwest is the only airline I've flown on more than once that has a perfect record for getting my luggage onto the correct planes at the correct times and not causing me horrendous pain during any of my flights (and they earn bonus points for giving me an entire can of soda on one of my flights instead of just a cup). I will never fly with them again because they've clearly been setting me up for some sort of optimism-crushing mishap. Bastards.

Anyway, much of the snow melted in my absence. My car is no longer stuck in the driveway. However, I had been hoping that I would be able to see the ground and because it snowed yesterday or early this morning (or both) that didn't happen. *Sigh.* I'm not going to see the grass again until March (if I don't freeze to death before then).

I got most of my errands out of the way today, tomorrow will be back to studying and then on Monday I will need to go to work. Joy.

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