Sunday, July 8, 2007


Trying to find housing given an entire (albeit, small) city of possibilities, each having its own unique drawbacks, sucks. Wandering around downtown, I saw a lovely building across the street from the Capitol. I'm sure I'd be quite comfortable there: it has balconies overlooking Capitol Square, huge windows, access to the main restaurant/shopping area of downtown, is within easy walking distance of my office, etc. But alas, it's also out of my price range. So, exactly *how* far out of my price range is it? I did some research and found that its one unoccupied unit is in the $650k ballpark and when you include that I'd want a parking space it comes out closer to $700k. That's surprisingly reasonable... I should be able to afford the down-payment if I save all my earnings for the next three or four years and don't pay any rent or taxes or buy food in the meantime. And then to make mortgage payments, I'd only need a 200% raise.

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